Avoiding voids

Buying your own home is a great achievement, but it’s not the route everyone wants to take, and that’s where we come in. T1property offer rental accommodation all over Portsmouth for all kinds of tenant demographics. As we are one of the most celebrated businesses excelling in room to rent Portsmouth has, you can depend on us to find you…

What does 2018 have in store for HMO licensing?

The initial rules for licensing regarding HMOs came into force following the 2004 Housing Act, which state that every property with 3 or more storeys and 5 or more unrelated occupants, required a licence. The aim was to ensure that the landlord met the correct standards and provided safe housing for tenants.

Tenancy or licence to occupy?

Two of the most confusing terms regarding room to rent are ‘tenancy’ and ‘licence to occupy’, and what situation falls under which heading. There are different rules for both of these terms, so it is important to know the difference and which term applies to which situation. Fortunately the T1property team can help. We are one of the best for…

Helpful advice for novice landlords

T1property are considered to be one of the finest specialists working in HMO management Portsmouth has to offer. With these types of properties increasing in popularity among landlords, securing a HMO deal can be difficult. Fortunately, we are here to help and can provide a first rate service for all parties involved.

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