The importance of insurance cover during the renting process

As you may have guessed from our company name, we specialise in providing the right property services for landlords and tenants alike. In particular, we assist landlords and tenants in their efforts to find the right letting deals for their individual circumstances. As we are one of the best businesses working in room to rent Portsmouth has to offer, people…

How should you manage problem tenants?

One of the biggest challenges with HMO management is dealing with problematic tenants. There are a number of reasons for this, including the simple fact that in an HMO, there are a higher number of tenants to begin with and as they will all be coming from different households, clashes of personalities and lifestyles can cause a lot of friction.

How to advertise a room to rent

The way you choose to advertise a room available for rent can have a big impact on more than just the amount of interest you generate; it will also affect the quality of the prospective tenants and the risks associated with their tenancy. If you are unsure how to tackle advertising, working with a dedicated specialist such as T1property can…

Don’t let a HMO investment turn bad

HMOs can prove to be a very lucrative investment but they need to be managed correctly to ensure they don’t go wrong. At T1property, we understand this and have set out to be the leading provider of HMO management Portsmouth has. Our expertise is relied upon by numerous investors and we always strive to deliver an outstanding service.

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