HMO Management Portsmouth

Across the UK demand for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) continues to rise. They offer opportunities for tenants and the potential for fantastic returns for investors and landlords. To be successful and satisfy the needs of all parties though, the properties must be properly managed. Luckily T1property is the leading name for HMO management Portsmouth has; we can deliver the perfect service for you.

The main thing that has helped us to become the most reputable name for HMO is our extensive knowledge. We understand what the properties are as well as the complications associated with them. With our help investors and landlords can meet the higher obligations for this kind of property and look forward to the best possible returns.

The most important thing if you own or manage an HMO is to ensure that the legal requirements are met, including licensing. Most importantly you need to know if there is an Article 4 Direction in place as it can cause severe restrictions. Failure to comply with the law can result in big fines and even disqualification as a landlord.

The key thing to be successful with a HMO, and reduce the risk of incurring a penalty, is to ensure licenses are in place and that the properties are high quality. Our service will ensure both of these things. We excel at management and will ensure that all maintenance is done by professionals to a high standard. As a result the properties will be pleasant to live in.

The care and attention we put in to delivering a professional service benefits tenants as well as landlords and investors. It means they can look forward to quality homes and a management team that is available when they need them. We will keep their needs in mind, particularly when arranging and conducting maintenance, resulting in minimal disturbances.

When it comes to HMO management Portsmouth has no better provider than the T1property team. We can provide comprehensive services for every single client, adapting to suit their specific needs. We have a huge amount of experience and knowledge to call on, ensuring that all requirements are met.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities a HMO offers, or already own a property split into separate homes with shared facilities and want a professional to manage it, please get in touch.

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